by Lucy Monroe

    3rd book in The Goddard Project series
    Kensington Brava

    Mass Market Paperback - October 2011
    ISBN-10: 075822916X ~ ISBN-13: 978-0758229168
    Trade Paperback - January 2009
    ISBN 0-7582-2915-1

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    Elle Gray looks like a supermodel, thinks like a super agent, and can kill a man with her bare hands. But when she meets Dr. Beau Ruston, the brilliant scientist and ex-college football star in charge of the project she’s been sent to protect, she wants more of her bare self around him than just her hands. If his muscular grace and quick wit hadn’t turned her on, there would still be those big brown eyes...watching her suspiciously. With a man this smart and sexy questioning her cover, the bad guys are the least of her problems.

    Beau Ruston knows Elle is a government spy, and he doesn’t like to be spied on—or lied to, no matter how charming the liar happens to be. Wait, did he say "charming"? Damn hot is more like it. He should know, chemistry is his business, whether it’s in the lab or in the bedroom, but the reaction Elle is setting off might be too much for even him to control...


    The Spy Who Wants Me is on the Nielson Bookscan bestsellers list and Amazon's Contemporary Romance bestsellers list!

    what REVIEWERS are saying...

    California — Present Day

    Elle Gray is a topnotch agent for The Goddard Project, and her brains and beauty have proven invaluable in many situations. Her current assignment is to investigate a security breach at Environmental Technology Research and Design. Two men have disappeared, and the company thinks it's related to their top-secret research, thus necessitating the need for the elite investigative skills of The Goddard Project. Elle's meeting at ETRD introduces her to Dr. Beau Ruston, second in command of the company. An immediate attraction rises between them, one that Elle tells herself cannot be acted on because she never mixes business and pleasure.

    Beau can't explain why his body reacted so forcefully to meeting Elle, but he knows she is not an ordinary woman. She's tough, smart and is a black ops agent. This means that there is no future in any kind of relationship with her. But this doesn't stop him from wanting to hook up with her for a fling. Working closely together to determine who could be the suspects, it's inevitable that this closeness turns into something more. But Elle has no intention of letting her emotions come into play with Beau — despite the fact that he brings something out in her that she thought would never be there.

    Meanwhile, Elle, who has family in California that she rarely visits, learns that her brother, Mat, is employed at ETRD. She can no longer avoid the family angle, and Mat gets insight into what his sister really does. Mat has his own burgeoning relationship with Chantal, another ETRD employee and a woman from his past, whom he pursues with the intention of making up for past mistakes. Chantal is being threatened by the unknowns who may hold the key to the mysterious security leak.

    Lucy Monroe has penned a thrilling, entertaining read that will keep readers on the edge of their seats. Right from the start, it's clear that Elle is a kickass type heroine that very few men would want to even bother try to mess with. But Beau is not afraid to challenge the beautiful black ops agent and does so whenever he gets the chance. As their relationship grows, he wants to protect her, even as she resists his actions. No one protects Elle except Elle! Elle tries to keep her emotions at bay ever since she lost her husband years ago and doesn't want to feel the pain of losing the man she loves once again. It's up to Beau to break through the barrier she's erected.

    Beau made his choices early on to pursue his career with ETRD, despite it causing him to lose a fiancée and his parents to disown him. But he's very proud of his work and has forged a very nice life. Elle's entrance into his life throws him for a loop because she is so different from other women. Her mysterious job and life has him wanting to know her better, despite her refusal to let him. Will he win their battle of wills? Can the bad guys be stopped?

    As the suspense in THE SPY WHO WANTS ME builds, so does the relationship between Elle and Beau. There is no doubt that whoever is behind the security leak will stop at nothing to get what they want — top secret plans that could change the world. It's soon a race to prevent the bad guys from getting the plans. The third book in The Goddard Project series, Lucy Monroe has once again proven herself to readers with an electrifying winner in THE SPY WHO WANTS ME. —Patti Fischer, Romance Reviews Today

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