Goodness Had Nothing to do With It
    by Lucy Monroe

    (Connected to Come Up and See Me Sometime)
    Kensington Zebra - December 2005
    ISBN 0-8217-7771-8

    If you loved Lucy Monroe’s COME UP AND SEE ME SOMETIME, you won’t want to miss her latest romance! Funny, sexy, and full of heart, Monroe’s new novel makes “goodness” a whole lot better…


    The last woman business consultant Marcus Danvers expects to find at Kline Electronics is Veronica Richards. He’s supposed to be rooting out a corporate spy, not rehashing an old love affair—with the woman who sold out the company they both used to work for and then took off without so much as a kiss goodbye. All the clues point to Ronnie as the firm’s newest mole, which means he’ll have to spend time with the stubbornly reticent—and mouthwateringly sexy—woman he hasn’t been able to forget, and uncover every last thing she has to hide…


    It’s just Ronnie’s luck. The one man she’d hoped never to see again is suddenly everywhere she looks—and taking up a starring role in her daydreams, too. Remembering the passion she and Marcus once shared certainly isn’t going to help, though, not when she has so many secrets, and no explanation for the way she left him eighteen months ago—or at least not one he’ll want to hear. The problem is, when Marcus is around all her good intentions go up in smoke… 


    For Theresa Scott, a dear friend and mentor.  Thank you for being such a blessing in my life.


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    Reviews & Reader Comments

    what REVIEWERS are saying...

    Emotionally intense and with love scenes that go off the thermometer with their heat, readers will definitely want GOODNESS HAD NOTHIONG TO DO WITH IT to help them through a cold winter's night. Highly recommended! 4 Stars - The Romance Reader's Connection 

    With each story Lucy Monroe writes, I swear she’s getting better. She can write them hot, and she creates strong, compelling characters. If you love a story filled with passion, revenge, and riveting characters, then you need to pick up GOODNESS HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH IT. - Romance Reviews Today

    The steamy, sizzling chemistry between Marcus and Ronnie and the mystery of the corporate spy kept me turning pages long into the night. It was worth every second of lost sleep! - Blue Ribbon Reviews

    Lucy Monroe dazzles once more with her newest releaseGoodness Had Nothing to Do with It. The characters shine amidst the smooth dialogue and vivid scenes. 4 Star - A Romance Review

    Deception, lies, betrayal and secrets are all staples of this book and readers won't be able to put it down until the very last page. - The Romance Studio

    Ms. Monroe creates a world where you actually LIVE for the duration of the book, and then you want to revisit time and again in a re-read. - Barnes & Noble Reader Reviews

    what other AUTHORS and BOOKSELLERS are saying...

    "Once again Lucy Monroe has woven together an engaging tapestry of complex characters, emotional relationships, and simmering sensuality." ~ JoAnn Ross, NYT Bestselling Author of BLAZE.

    what READERS are saying...

    "I just finished Goodness had Nothing to do With it, too. Loved it! It drew me right in and the characters were so well drawn." ~ Janet

    "Last night (I stayed up all night...but it was worth it) I read Goodness has Nothing To Do With It. I couldn't put it down, it was very intense." ~ Cora

    "The book had it all... angst, good plot, hot sexy couple, and the much needed HEA. I'm sorry to see you leave this world." ~ Ann

    "Goodness Had Nothing to Do With It was fabulous. ::fanning self:: Between the hot scenes and the tension of who done it, I was glued to the story. Lucy, great job, and I would love to see the deleted scenes." ~ Patti

    "Hey Lucy. I finished your book, Goodness Had Nothing to Do With It several days ago. Sorry I haven't written sooner. (darn cold) But I loved it. Marcus and Ronnie had such intense chemistry and problems to work through.  They each had their reasons and they fit beautifully into the story. I enjoyed it so much. Have you thought about 
    Jenny getting a story down the road? Hugs..." ~ JudyF

    "Goodness Had Nothing to Do With It is an incredible love story full of betrayal, passion and promise written by an incredible author, Lucy Monroe." Marilyn Shoemaker

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